Saturday, 21 September 2013

Let's go back to the start.

So it's been a while, I haven't posted since March?! This isn't going to be a catch up blog on that front. I'm thinking of making a fresh start since work has forced me into noninsomnia. This blog is from a different time to now. I need a now blog.

I have a flat with three awesome guys. It's not the best flat in the world but we're working on making it home. There's a dual carrigway outside my window but it's hidden by trees so all I see is that when I look out the window. My room is small but I like it so.

Watch this space for a new blog. Work has buggered how much time I have to do anything (so has five rehearsals a week, so I look forward to reducing that to three very soon!) but I have ideas and plots and things. I shall return!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cat, cat where have you been?

 I've been to the castle to look at the Queen.

So a family friend who is totally into G&S operettas suggested that I had a listen to Merrie England (by Edward German and Basil Hood (yes I put the composer first!)). I remembered seeing a couple of vocal scores for it at the local second hand bookshop so after work I pootled along and picked up a very lovely condition copy for not very much money.
I then downloaded Spotify (again, not sure why it wasn't on my computer... it used to be). and proceeded to listen to the first version I found.

I'm highly confused.

Firstly by the plot. I have no idea what happens. There's love, I know that much, and someone that people don't like and Queen Elizabeth and a lot of singing about Robin Hood for a while. I guess it doesn't help that there was no libretto in the recording but the songs didn't make a lot of sense either.
I also spent most of the time being confused because it isn't Sullivan. I didn't realise how set Sullivan is in his composition. You hear G&S and generally you can tell it's that. Yup there's another one! Off it goes being what it is. This is similar, there's the solo lines, the chorus, the orchestra. The four part harmony in chorus. But it's weird. The tunes don't quite follow the same patterns, the harmony goes in slightly different directions, the chords and key changes are just... strange when all you are used to is G&S (and very much from the music aspect of life).

By the end I was bobbing along because the refrain of "hey Robin, jolly, jolly Robin" is bloody catchy.

One really interesting thing I noted was that often it wasn't the higher line that was optional but a lower line. Sullivan liked to give the option of higher notes for soloists (especially the soprano lines) but often they would be little notes as an option but if you can't do them, hey it's ok, we aren't judging you (yes we are) they were just optional. In here there are a lot of high notes for not just soloists but chorus too! One solo line (optional this time and a cadenza part either vocally done or played by clarinet, in the recording it was sung) went upto a top Eb! (I think the technical term is Eb6 but it's three ledger lines above the stave) and although a fleeting passage and an optional one at that I was impressed that it was there to begin with. That's very very high stuff!

I would quite like to see Merrie England performed now actually, to see if any of it makes more sense than the rather fuzzy crackly recording that I could get (with a few cuts in which meant that the madrigal (and yes there is a madrigal) didn't have the verse with nonny nonny in it which was a shame) and see if the lib makes sense and if it is funny. That's the thing: they are comic operas. I would usually term them operettas due to the use of libretto and not singing start to finish but at the front of the score states "A new and original comic opera". And thus it should be at least amusing. Or that you can see how people might have found it funny way back when because some of the jokes don't really make sense now, depending on how you play it.

That's another point. Some people take these things far far FAR too seriously. They are comedies. Sure they have sad bits where you shouldn't laugh because the person is heartbroken or whatever and that is the sad part of the show but there is always the twist of the story at the end. The comedic parts (normally baritone) who lighten the mood. The minor interjections of asides that the cast aren't privy to but the audience can see all that is going on making the scenario all the sillier. And yet people sometimes believe that you should sit in silence and applaud at the right moment at the end of a song for an appropriate length of time. My god you must live a boring life! It would be like going to see Billy Connolly and clapping at the end of a long joke to show that you approve of what has just happened. Imagine not laughing! This is the first modern equivalent that I could come up with but I guess it works.
I have to admit I don't always get the jokes but if you have a good enough cast then you can normally laugh because you see their reactions to all of it so you know it was rude or whatever. And thus you laugh because their character is insulted by the whole thing.
I must admit I am yet to see the funny side of Merrie England but then like I said I didn't really understand a great deal of what was going on. Staging does help.

I would like to listen to some more of these things I think. Not just G&S but I do believe that out of all of them it is G&S I will return to most, and in particular the S part. What can I say, I am music driven and thus when it comes down to it I will be a Sullivanite over a Gilbertian, but often one goes in hand with the other better than without the other. I wonder what it is I like about their shows though. Maybe it's just because I've been in them and not others. Who knows.

I should really get back to editing Patience though... it needs to be done.

Go listen to something different, you might surprise yourself,
Buttercup xxxxx

Friday, 8 March 2013

Come on then stars, you showy little fuckers, perforate the dark I dare you.

So last night I saw Sharks Took The Rest for, I don't know, the millionth time and I'll tell you what, it really only gets better because one, you know all the lyrics to the album tracks even when you don't realise it and two, when they play new songs it's awesome because then you know there is something new to learn over time (and hope for in a new release). Live music is the best. Currently in the band they have some of Matt Stalker and the Fables helping out and damn is Matt good on the high harmony notes! I keep forgetting this as a thing because I only saw them once (at a STTR single release gig) but he's very good. Funny moment of the night was when the microphone cable fell out of the mic and he had no sound.
Anyway point is good gig was good and I love live music.

Catch up time:
I was in a show. I had a role in a show. I didn't mess up any of my lib (all three lines every night!) and even the singing was fine (even a little bit of quintet goodness worked out in the end). Ultimately I totally rocked it and feel rather confident now. You know that whole "wait... you mean I could actually do it if I tried hard enough/was given the opportunity/didn't really suck at auditions?" yeah that. In fact I'm still feeling rather cocky about it after so many compliments :D I totally want to try at more... even though I do most years... oh little diva stage buzz! Anyway it was awesome because it was The Grand Duke and that's a fabulous show and I was totally knackered every night after it.

I was in another show. The next week. I'll tell you what, the only bit that makes two shows in two weeks crap is that the omgweneedtorehearse stage of the second show overlaps the performance of the first and makes things stressful and difficult. However after a lot of indecision Princess Ida definitely grew on me by performance time (mostly because I got to be angry for 2/3rds of the show and that was a nice change to dense bimbo that seems to be most of the female choruses in G&S).

I didn't get a job. Got the interview though and totally did well at that so I feel ok about the whole thing because confidence is my main issue in life.

I went on an adventure with Tarq. I had been rather ill and one day I asked (in whispers because that's all my voice would allow) if we could go on an adventure.
"what, today?"
"nope, I have work. Tomorrow?"
 And that was that. I didn't mind too much where we went, I just wanted to go somewhere slightly different. Really anywhere would suffice. He is excellent at confusing me though and kept pretending to turn off and in fact took the junction back onto the road we'd just come off. It was ridiculous but very fun. Anyway we ended up in Whitby. I don't remember ever going to Whitby before and so it was really nice as a surprise (I totally expected somewhere closer to home than that!) and the weather was really nice. There was lots of fun but especially an awesome red top hat that if it is still there when I go back at some point and I have money I shall buy it because it was amazing! And also lots of interesting shops and views and there was the sea! I love the sea :D I love adventure times. I love Tarq.

Not much else has happened. I've eaten a lot of chocolate today which is both awesome and a terrible idea. Actually I love confectionery a lot. Too much really but it gives me lots of buzzy energy and tastes really good. So really that's ok then :)

There are many things that I'm considering in life. Confectionery, ludomusicology, G&S, recorders... I have always had an issue that I consider too many things at once. I tend towards Jack of all trades rather than particularly good at one thing. I see things on stalls and think "I could make that" or hear a thing and think "I could make something sound like that, or do a similar thing" but aside from being rather useful in making me not spend my money I'm actually not very good at following through. I couldn't even tell you if I was any good at the actual thing or not because I don't get far enough. It's highly bothersome.
I also don't know where I'm going in life. I want to do something awesome but I don't know what. It's that showy little part of me, the diva inside, that knows that I'm not really good enough but could be at least ok maybe, if I tried or even let myself be.
I think once I've finished all the scores that I need to do then I'll find I have a lot more time and a lot fewer things to do and I won't know what to do with myself because then I have to actually be an adult and not the wannabe student that I am. Everything is procrastination and once I run out of procrastinationing I don't know what I'll do!
I also would really like to get back into ludomusicology (game music). There's even a conference in April (which is actually a bit doable because it's in Easter holidays for me!) but then I think it's just me being silly and that I should grow up and you know the real world isn't about doing things like that and all that malarky. I don't know who tells people these things but I guess I'm a bit jaded. I love dreaming but know that it's just a dream and nothing else. But I would like to do more with it because I enjoy analysis, I probably can't do it very well anymore and I don't know any of the right terms, but I do enjoy doing it and video game music analysis is just more interesting to me. You can take the entire soundtrack and find things that link from one to the next or find reasons why this bit of music happens here. Not just "oh the forte here is dramatic for dramaticsake or just to add tension or whatever" but "the forte here links with the image happening on the screen and that makes everything EPIC". I like the links rather than just music by itself. The whole art form rather than just one bit. But whenever I think about it I don't feel smart enough. I don't feel like I could ever be good enough to do any of that and that if anyone read it they'd laugh at me and then kick my whilst I'm down or something.

I waste so much time worrying than actually doing that it's ridiculous. 
Anyone fancy giving me some direction?

Waiting hopefully,
Buttercup xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Take a load off Annie, take a load for free, take a load off Annie, and you can put the load right on me

So I haven't posted since last year and I've been very lax in the whole idea of blogging. It's that wonder as to whether people read your blogs and whether or not they read simply because they feel they have to or whether they actually enjoy it or not. I tend to ramble and squirrel- yeah I get off topic quite a bit but meh! I shall post as I see fit.

Quite a lot and not much has happened all at once. So I'll just tell you some things of things.

I finally finished one score that I was doing and now I'm over half way through the next one. It's a bit ridiculous how much I'm doing on these scores. With the time I use on them I could totally have a full time job with actual wages and stuff... Two part time jobs isn't really enough to do anything with. But better than nothing so I'm not complaining too much :)
This second score feels so much shorter it's like there's no music at all. Five pages later and BAM! another song done :D It's a very nice feeling, instead of TGD which was a slog and a half and I think my average speed dropped a few pages an hour which when there is 500-600odd pages to do kind of makes a huge difference. However that one is done and now I'm just slogging away with the poor quality editing that is Kalmus. Three pages, three pages!, in and I was already annoyed. Trumpet is in the wrong place, pizzicato markings unresolved, key signatures that are wrong. Oh well, that is the joy that is Kalmus!

I started a thing this year. I saw it one... someones facebook feed and thought, hey why not. Kinda cute, little bit ridiculous and a pinch of stupid but I'm quite enjoying it so far. I bought a glass jar (actually it;s a really nice metal lock jam jar from Wilko's and is rather bon, I have one for the damage counters for Pokemon) and I write a nice thing on it that made me smile with the date and the fold it up and put it inside. It makes me happy how much there is already in it. It's instead of resolutions. I don't stick to them. So instead I'm lettingm yself know what an awesome year I had (by the end of it) so I can look back and go "oh yeah, I remember that now, that was awesome". 
I nicked that image off weheartit but it's the concept of what I am doing. I'll see how far I get. Who knows I might actually stick with it for the whole year! However I did start the first few with 2012 written on them. That was amusing :D

I saw another thing that was an interesting concept. Instead of explaining I'll put the link here: linkylink
I really like it as a concept but currently I don't have the money to do it properly. I mean I considered doing it with 50p intervals instead of £1 ones (so the last week is 26 rather than 52) but that is still impractical with my income. It would be awesome though because even with only saving the 50p version you'd still have a jar with £689 in it at the end of the year. That's a whole lotta cash in one go! Maybe if I get a third/better job :D it would be another jar with nice smiley things in it!
However I would always be tempted to take out a pound here or there (or several) for you know, the bus fare or so I can go out and I totally promise I'll replace it when I have the change in my purse honest! But it'll never get replaced and I'll just end up spending more money than normal because it would be there, in a jar, in front of me, grinning and waving its little hands at me! Goddamn money!

Another thing I've been doing this year is I'm taking Wednesday's off. This may change over the course of the year but I discovered I didn't actually have any me time. I was losing myself in scores and rehearsals and travelling here, there and everywhere but I wasn't getting anymore enjoyment out of it because I was tired and grumpy and didn't want to. Currently I have Monday's and Wednesday's where I don't go out and rehearse or have particular plans. It's nice for a change. Ok so I still copy up scores and stuff but I can also do other things. I've started doing Project Wednesdays where I try to do a thing just for me. Or for learning. Or just for the Kraken. It's for doing nice things like making caramel or cinder toffee or fixing that bag or drawing this thing or that thing or writing or even just chilling out with a book. I'm intending to stay saner and more chilled. By the way, cinder toffee is kinda hard to do (I think the recipe is wrong) and caramel is awesome and easy to make but it seems to disappear so maybe I made magic caramel that walks away... it's apparently really good though :D

I'm attempting to challenge myself, to do things. It may only last a couple of months but that's a couple more than none :D However I'm now going to curl up in bed with my DS and continue with Harvest Moon DS:Cute (called that because it's the version for girls! You can change your clothes and wallpaper and stuff!). I absolutely love Harvest Moon (the original FarmVille) and I get really addicted to it. I'm attempting to get all the Harvest Sprites and rescue the Harvest Goddess and have at least one of each building, one of each animal and have shipped one of everything, own one of each item and so on. I'm going for completionist on this. I mean I'll probably get to the stage of having cows and sheeps and get bored and want something new :P

I'm a brunette in this but I just love that cover art! My cat is Cifa (because Cifa cat!), dog is Rufus, pony is Epona and I currently have eight chickens (all with different names including Trubbs a tribute to Trouble but that was too long for the system).

Anyway, loves to all!
Liffy xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Love is free and life is cheap and as long as I've got me a place to sleep

I went and saw Frank Turner on Saturday with a few folks (although it was just me and Tarq for the actual gig because we all arrived at different time and some of us had different types of tickets) but we were all at the same place at the same time and it was awesomes! I mean I got there after a 7hr shift (where there was no sitting) to a gig (with no sitting) and I was jumping up and down and dancing and shouting the songs (whoops, and now my throat is broken... but I'm actually ill as well) and it was awesome. He was so excellent live and definitely on my list to see again :D

But that was only a couple of days ago and I haven't been on here in aaaaaages. Since then I have changed my number and I'm now 24. There have been pandas, fireworks, stress, ill, more ill, happy occurrences, food, drinks, too much drinks, far too many rehearsals, scores left right and centre, singing, dancing, shoes, love, happiness, work, posh meals, flute concertos, dresses and orange tights.

I also discovered that safety lighters have good reason to be so, since I've just singed my thumb with it. Kinda hurt but seems fine now.

Actually there are some dilemmas happening. Firstly I do many rehearsals a week (6 at the last count if I make it to all of them in a week but that depends on work and if I am well enough), and then I want to see people outside rehearsals and to have nice relaxing times, but I have to fit in all the commission work that I'm doing that I don't have time to sort out my room (and the dining room because it's messy from the last bookmouldday) that it's in a permastate of untidy. I've lost my pokemon emerald that I bought ages ago and didn't have time to start and now would rather like to but it's nowhere to be found. Really what I need to do is completely empty my room and put things back slowly and all in the right places instead of in as many corners as a box room can have, and then the sides as well, and any space in the middle. I need to reorganise my shelves, pokemon cards, desk, floor, wardrobe but where is the time?! I don't know. I nearly always have a relatively clear doorway though because I constantly start tidying whenever I've had a hurricane day and couldn't work out what to wear and everything is on the floor, and then I don't have time, or I get bored or something else happens. But at least I can get into my room I guess :)

I'm very content though. In life. Right now. This instant. No lies. I don't know how that happened and probably tomorrow I'll be off on another emotion but today, even with everything ever that is there (mostly sneezing, not talking and snufflying) I'm content. I'm not famous, I'm not special in that regard. But I have people I love and people who love me and that is all that is really important. I know so many brilliant people, who make me insanely jealous of all their wonderfulness and stuff, and I'm so lucky to have all of that. I'm contentedly overwhelmed. I used to think 'why me? why do people stay with me and talk to me?" but now it's "well why not?". This isn't arrogance (at least not intentionally) but just acceptance that I'm not that bad a person. I try hard to be nice and to not make people sad. I try to help when I can so actually it's ok. I don't need to worry about why people are there. They are. Accept it. Enjoy it. Have a great fucking time :D I mean I still stress out all the time about everything ever but I'm also ok with a lot of things too.

I am also a panda heroine. Srsface. :| It's what makes me awesome. 

You know what I like? Trees, books, flowers, dry crisp days, the future, christmas, dreams, sleeping but waking up to snuggles, music, laughing, pokemon, pandas, candy, masterchef. omg I love masterchef! It's so good and the general public can't mess it up by voting for whoever is the prettiest because it's a cookery programme and so it's people who know their stuff who choose who stays and who goes. There was a man who made a carrot cake in a plant pot. It was amazing! I wish the BBC put people's recipes (the ones that work) on the internet so people can make the things themselves. I would totally make potted carrot cake for people I know. I even know where I can get little pots from. And tin buckets! In all different colours. Could have a whole series of cute baked goods in quirky cases. I think in the tin buckets I'd put paper cases though because I don't know how the metal would effect the taste. Wouldn't want it to taste bad because that would be sad.
Although I don't want to be a chef like that. I would rather like to do confectionery. I have a book. I have a thermometer (very important). I just need a marble slab and a heavy copper pan and I can get started on most of hte basics. Well ok I'll need ingredients too but htat part is kinda obvious. I don't like cooking big things like cakes or meal dishes. I mean they're ok but not really my thing. I like making cupcakes because they're little and fun and you can put random things in and they taste awesome. My favourite is to put jam or lemon curd in them. It makes them soft and moist and flavoursome without resorting to artificial flavours. And if the jam has fruities in it then you get chunks of strawbs or whatever you chose. Or you can put the jam in the icing. Both work :D if you put jam in the sponge they don't go stale as quickly because they aren't dry to begin with. But I like making sweet things and little things. Much more interesting. I might try making biscuits because I'm meant to make some for the work "do" because we all have to take things. I reckon this means a trip round the different cookery shops/parts of shops to get some christmas themed cutters! I'll probably try to make a double batch and keep some at home for family and friends.
The only problem with that food is that it rots your teeth and is very calorific. I know you shouldn't worry too much about that kind of thing but practise means perfect and practise means lots of sweetythings to eat and eat and eat. But good fun times. And if they were good enough I could give them to people as presents and then it'd be cool because they'd be different to the ones in the shops and awesome.
Like I said I like dreaming.

I had an epic plan for a thing but now I think I might be too ill to pull it all off. Gonna try though :D it'll be exciting if it works. I'm not a planning type but some things just feel like they should happen, you know what I mean?

Tomorrow I'm going to try and sort some things out to make life even more awesome. Today I feel all the love and contentness for everything and everyone. I have some plans and some interesting things to think about over the next couple of weeks to try and put into motion. Most of which will never see fruition but if even one or two things happen then maybe the others will happen in time. I always say tomorrow. Technically this will happen today. I best sleep so I can get on with my plans. I think my brain is all bzzzted out. I can see my 24th year being awesome (although I just wondered is it not technically my 25th year since your first year doesn't have a number? Ummm... well this year anyway :D). You know what will make it awesome? I will. I will make sure it is awesome because of everything and everyone. So I will and you will. We will make it awesome come hell, high water or any other obscure weather this country would like to try!

I have love, I have life, I have a bed (or two), clothes and food. I don't need anything more.

Until next time,
all of the loves
Buttercup xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Wake me up, when September ends...

Things I love about Autumn:
Kicking leaves, dry crisp days, the colours, Halloween, thick wooly tights, scarves, hats, gloves, blustery days, rosy cheeks, soup, snuggling, seeing-your-breathing weather, darker nights, conkers, layered clothing, duvet nesting, swooshy coats, hot radiators, Bonfire Night, sparklers, fireworks, boots, fallen leaves, squirrels and hedgehogs, first frost.

I really really love Halloween and Bonfire night. My birthday is the day before Halloween so I've nearly always had fancy dress parties. I love dressing up, I love themes, orange, purple, green, black. I love black cats and pumpkins, ghosties and bats, witches and monsters. I love stripy tights and floaty skirts, big boots and lace. Ribbons and silliness. Candy, toffee apples and cakes. Pumpkin carving (although not the hollowing out, it's very hard work). Candles and fairylights. Nightmare Before Christmas and silly scary films. Surprisingly I've never actually been trick or treating but that no longer bothers me.

How cute is that cake? Although I would make the slices in it thicker or just sandwich one with orange cream in the middle because that looks really fiddly. Amazing though! I may have to make some fondant pumpkins though :D and other halloween sweeties! I have some wonderful cookie cutters that I got last year and haven't yet broken in so I reckon I'll do some of that closer to the time. I have pumpkin bubble pots somewhere which are really awesome, I'll probably dig them out soon too :D

Bonfire night is just awesome. All the fizz-whizz-bang and the pretty colours and the lights. Normally I hate loud noises in the dark, it normally makes me very twitchy but fireworks are just awesome. High-flying rockets, dizzying catherine wheels (when they work), glittering fountains. Spark-kissed hands from a sparkler and only wearing knitted gloves (if any at all). Indoor sparklers with the slight fear that you might set something, anything, everything on fire but just the joy of a tiny little spluttering firework in your hands with none of the cold of outside. Blazing bonfires, the smell of woodsmoke caught in your hair. Embers twirling off into the night. Toasted marshmallows, normally only done on a candle because I don't have a bonfire of my own. Watching all of the fireworks in Newcastle from my bedroom window, sleeping with the curtains open, hoping I don't miss the best ones. The ooh and the ahh (and the just a little bit (couldn't help myself there)).Warming up in the house by the radiator or a fire.

Autumn makes me so happy. I do love all the seasons but I'm an autumn baby so I have a particularly soft spot for it all. Everything is so exciting with one final burst of colour, one final push until Winter and that brings its own joys and excitements :D but that will have to wait until late November!

Loves, snuggles and duvets for all!
Buttercup xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Another world outside that's full of all the broken things that I made

So I've been watching this a little obsessively. Actually that's kind of a lie, I've been listening to the album version of the track which is a different video but the official video is quite interesting. I really rather like Deadmau5. Some of their stuff is a bit repetitive but on the whole it's a nice sound and has some really interesting beats.

I especially like that Gerard Way is doing the lyrics because I love his voice. I'm also very much looking forward to the album when it comes out because there is a track with Imogen Heap on it and that is (I hope) going to be excellent :D.
It's music that makes me want to dance.

I've been reading many, many books recently. I have had a book since I was back in middle school that Lomyr bought me and and I never read because it was hard and there were no chapter breaks and very few section breaks and I would always forget what had been happening because it was a slow sort of book (but not a bad one). Anyway that is called The Midnight Folk and I finally finished it. So, thought I, I better get the sequel, The Box Of Delights, and read that sooner rather than later because otherwise I'll not remember the first one and then things will get complicated. Whilst I waited for that to turn up from amazon I read the first two books of the Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness (of which until recently I only had book 2 and 4, but the Oxfam bookshop had the correct cover first book in for only £3 and I snaggled that). They were super quick to read and excellent too. The type that you can't put down and you finish within a day because one, they are children's books/young adult (I don't know where they lie in that area) and thus they have no complicated language or phrasing and everything just fits nicely, and two, the stories were fabulous.
I went back to the Oxfam shop and picked up the remaining books that I don't have so when I finish TBoD I can finish that series too (quite possibly within this week, which for me is amazingly fast. I must have concentration currently).

Annoyingly my Spirit Walker appears to be slightly larger than the other and my Outcast is a hardback but all copies are in these pretty covers :D

What is interesting about TBoD is the fact that I know the story so well. Every Christmas we used to watch the film of the book and even now when I read it the voices are so ingrained that I can hear quite a few of them and some of the phrases I can hear perfectly (because surprisingly the film seems to have stuck so closely to the book). It's so much easier to read with already knowing how everything goes (although I don't remember the end very well so that should be awesome). Also there are chapters and I like chapters because they give me a page count to aim for within the book rather than just the overall page count at the end.

I'm also back to copying Princess Ida in the hopes that I can start The Grand Duke this weekend. I always seem to have lots of things on and nothing at all, at the same time. My time is weird and I don't understand it at all. So currently I'm filling it all with lots of reading. I'm on target to have read, on average, one book a week for this year which is awesome because I hoped I would be able to do that. Read more of the books I have so I can justify buying lots more new books :D an neverever ending cycle of lots of books! 

I've just noticed it's WEDNESDAY! Might give you a cheeky Wishlist even though I haven't in ages!

Non-transitive (awesome blue one).
I like dice :D in particular, interesting ones and opposites.

Technically I just want to go out dancing but fluffies are pretty awesome!

Baby woluf hat so howling at the moon is even more awesome! Possibly a fluffy one would be better though.

Loves and taters
Buttercup xxxxx